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Treat yourself to Quality Beef Direct from Our Farm


Phelps Farm offers live beef and can arrange custom beef that is ready for your freezer.

Plan ahead and purchase a supply that will last you through the season.

One approach, used by a number of my customers, is to order a whole beef and they make arrangements to split it as many ways as they like amoung family or friends.

A "Side of Beef" is the smallest portion we offer.

Another approach is for you purchase a steer and I can make arrangements with someone else for you to split it with. In that manner you can receive only a "side" or half a beef. The "hanging weight" of a side of beef can vary from 260 to 400 lbs.

Try to place your order long before you need your beef. Often, but not always, there is a considerable waiting time from when place your order until you can pick it up.





The individual cuts of beef (custom trimmed to your directions) are vacuum packed, labeled, and frozen. To plan your freezer space, the beef is packed in three boxes, each measuring about 9” X 16” X 24” for a total of about 5-6 cu. ft.

Beef Cuts Chart 2018

The weight of the boxed beef, depending on how you ordered it to be trimmed & processed, will be about 60-65% of the hanging weight. In addition to that boxed beef, there are a number of addition items you may request (like liver, soup bones, suet, & more) if you so desire.


Please e-mail us to receive Beef Literature and Current Prices.



Natural Beef Direct from Our Farm to You


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